8th Capitular District
Royal Arch Masons

R∴ E∴ John P. Murray (254) DDGHP
914-419-6088 loganj54 at yahoo.com
V∴ E∴ George R. Thompson AGL
thompgr at gmail.com
E∴ Alexander D. Brannan (277) Charity Chairman
607-432-4811 alexbrannan at hotmail.com
R∴ E∴ Kim C. Dellow (29) Education Officer
607 745-1299 kim.c.dellow at gmail.com

Vallonia Chapter No. 80

See District Events at 8thCapitular.


High Priest – R:. E:. Will Corrington
Secretary – R:. E:. Bruce Smith

As we move toward the holiday season, we have seen fairly light attendance at Vallonia Chapter #80. There are a number of contributing factors, but nonetheless we have not been able to conduct important business for a few months. To ensure a successful Installation of Officers next month, we are teaming with Western Broome Chapter #332 to reciprocate attendance.

Their members will attend our meeting on 12/4 and we, in turn, will attend theirs on 12/15. In addition to helping each other ensure opening, I am certain you will enjoy fellowship with our Companions from Western Broome. Please note that our January meeting has been moved from
New Year’s Day to our secondary meeting night of the 3rd Tuesday. On January 21, the District Holy Royal Arch Degree will take place in Oxford. I am still in need of volunteers to fill out the cast. If you would like to contribute to the success of this endeavor by taking on a part in the cast, please contact me to learn which roles remain available.

With Fraternal Regards,
R:. E:. Wilbur L. Corrington, High Priest

December 4 Summoned Meeting w/ Reciprocal Attendance from Western Broome #332 Election and Installation of Officers
December 15 Western Broome #332 w/Reciprocal Attendance from Vallonia #80
Meal – 8:30am Breakfast
Meeting – 9:30am
Election and Installation of Officers
January 15 Stated Meeting Vallonia # 80
Meal – Volunteer needed
Program – Volunteer needed
Please note meeting on 3rd Tuesday
January 21 District Holy Royal Arch Degree times remain TBD


R∴E∴ Wilbur Corrington High Priestwarder615@gmail.com
E∴ Charles Pierson King
E∴ Eric Vonderhorst Scribe
R∴E∴ Bruce SmithSecretary a.triumph at juno.com
Captain of the Host
Principal Sojourner
Royal Arch Captain
Master of the Third Veil
Master of the Second Veil
Master of the First Veil
Trustee 3 years
Trustee 2 years
Trustee 1 year

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