11th Annual Masters & Wardens Golf Tournament

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we held our golf event with all of the advertising signs on the golf course the day of the event were free. We acknowledge that you have supported us for years, we should do the same for you while many of your businesses are closed. If you are able to make an advertising contribution, gifts are welcome, but not required.

The Eleventh Annual Central Leatherstocking District Association, Masters & Wardens Golf Tournament at Colonial Ridge Golf Course in Laurens, NY was scheduled for 8:00 am, Saturday August 1st, 2020. We expect your advertisement to reach over 100 people throughout Otsego-Schoharie and Delaware Counties and beyond. Advertisement proceeds will fund the Otsego-Schoharie and Delaware Masonic Charities Corporation for the Masonic scholarships program.

Another year, although a strange one, and once again a great turnout for our annual District Golf Tournament! A total of 15 teams gathered at Colonial Ridge Golf Course, some arriving by bus for a day of golf and fellowship. Social distancing and masks were the fashion of the day and all present adhered to the rules. I would like to thank all who participated and donated to the Charities Scholarship Fund. A special thanks to Bro. Alex Brannan for getting out all the paperwork and keeping track of all monies. For the first time in a few years Team Awesome Team was soundly defeated by Cherry Valley #1. Well done Cherry Valley!

Here are the results!

Rank Team Name Score Winnings
1. Cherry Valley #1 59 $240.00
2. Team Awesome Team (Laurens) 62 $200.00
3. Laurens Lodge Team 64 $160.00
4. Cherry Valley #4 64 $140.00
5. Oneonta Lodge 65 $120.00
6. Cherry Valley #3 65 $100.00
7. Cherry Valley #5 65 $90.00
8. Cherry Valley #2 66 $80.00
9. Dubois Team (Schenevus) 67 $70.00
10. Cobleskill Team 68 $60.00
11. Cobleskill Wedgemeisters 68 $50.00
12. Graves Team 69 $40.00
13. Schenevus Team 69 $30.00
14. Cherry Valley #6 71 $20.00
15. Delaware River 74 $20.00

There were 2 skins

Team Hole Score Winnings
Cherry Valley #2 11 3 $110.00
Cherry Valley #4 4 3 $110.00

Pin Shots

Team Hole Winnings
Cherry Valley #5 3 $40.00
Cherry Valley #1 7 $40.00
Oneonta 10 $40.00
Graves Team 13 $40.00

50/50 Winner: Pat Sherry $120.00
Winner of the Ping G410 Golf Driver: Beau Reed

Each year the Otsego-Schoharie and Delaware Masonic Charities, Inc. grants four (4), seven hundred fifty dollar ($750) scholarships to deserving area graduating high school seniors. Successful applicants receive one seven hundred fifty dollar ($750) payment upon proof of enrollment for the fall term. The grants are open to all deserving students, and that a family Masonic connection is not a requirement. It is required, however, that the application be submitted to a Masonic Lodge, and signed by a member of the Charities Corporation.

These grants are scholastic and needs based, so a student is welcome to attach a statement of financial need to their application. The student’s application will be reviewed by a “blind” committee, and their entire package, including transcripts, letters of recommendations, their aspirations, need, and character will be assessed.

Should one or more students be successful in obtaining a grant, they attend a presentation dinner in their honor, and to have their name and picture placed in our local papers if applicable to the local Lodge situation. We are still working out the best way to do this given the current environment.

Your continued support of this golf tournament and your local Masonic events will allow the Otsego-Schoharie and Delaware Masonic Charities Corporation to offer additional scholarships to graduating seniors. This enables the young people to better themselves and bring back fresh ideas and outlooks to our communities.

Thank you again for your support.

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